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The Friends of Exall Park

The Friends of Exall Park (FOEP or Friends group) is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization incorporated in 2007 by a group of Bryan Place neighbors who all shared a mission to enhance and beautify Exall Park. For over 100 plus years, Exall Park has been a thriving, diverse public space with a broad mix of residential and commercial development. But by the 1980’s, Exall had fallen into disrepair and neglect. A core group of community leaders came together in the early 2000’s to work with the city to clean up the park. Out of that initiative, came the genesis of the Friends of Exall Park nonprofit organization. Through funds provided by city bond programs and private funds raised by the Friends of Exall Park, the park was transformed. The Friends of Exall Park continue to work with city officials, area homeowners and business owners to keep improving and maintaining this amazing space. We have up to 10 board members in a given year, and a list of volunteers who give their time and money to help maintain and beautify the area.

The Friends of Exall Park have been instrumental in many improvements around the park:

  • Artwork in the park

  • Stone Retaining Wall

  • Workout Stations

  • Landscaped Flower Beds
  • Holiday in the Park
  • Playground
  • Walking/Running Path

2022 Friends of Exall Park Board

Chairman of the Board Tom Zielinski
President Marie Earley
Treasurer Peggy Thom
Secretary David Allen
Grounds / Landscaping Danny Oberst
Board Member Joy Mitchell
Board Member John Weber
Board Member Jacquie Lowe
Board Member Dustin Miller
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