Park Hours & Contact Information

Monday – Sunday 5am-11pm. For more park information, please call 214-670-4100. Call 311 to report all maintenance concerns. For emergencies, call 911.

Park Map

Park Etiquette

Motorized vehicles allowed in designated parking areas only

When in a group don’t walk more than 2 abreast

Announce “Passing on the left”

Keep pets on a short leash

Watch children carefully and keep them close

Keep to the right on path

Use headphones responsibly

Clean up after your pets

Please deposit litter in the trash receptacles

Golf is prohibited

Smoking prohibited on park property

Unauthorized vending, sales or advertising on park property prohibited

State laws covering the possession of alcohol will be strictly enforced

Firearms prohibited except as authorized by law

Sleeping is public places prohibited

Do dumping permitted

Watch for traffic when crossing intersections

Always look both ways before crossing or changing directions